Hey everyone, Jody here. I have some new updates that I quickly want to tell you about that got launched last week on Shopify so let’s just jump into it. Okay, so I’m going to go over a couple new things that were just launched this week on Shopify.

The first thing is sharable discount links. So where you find this is if you go into your dashboard and you go to discounts, and if you have a couple discounts set up there, you’ll see that there’s a new flag at the top saying that there’s now a promote button for your sharable links. So we go into [00:00:30] the $10 off coupon that I created. You can see there’s now a new green badge at the top of promote, and so now what we can click on here and we can click get sharable link. What this will let you do is it will allow you to automatically add that discount code directly into any of your social media or any of your advertising so that you have a discount link ready to go.

So if I [00:01:00] copy that link and then I go, I paste that in my store, when it loads the store it will copy that link. It’ll put that link in my discount and then if I go to shorts here and I go in and I go grab an actual item. I’ve got an item. Let’s add this into my cart and I go to checkout, what we can see will happen is it will automatically apply [00:01:30] that $10 discount code directly into the checkout. So now you have a way better user experience for discount codes when it comes it applying it in Shopify. Super easy. Super easy to use.

So in analytics you now have access to your point of sale data. You can see now that we’ve got these new items in here that says sales by point of sales location, so you can start to see where your income is actually coming, split up by point of sales. Really great for [00:02:00] those stores that have multiple retail locations as well as online funnels, so now that’s now been available in analytic dashboard.

Some of the other changes are on the app side of things so I’m going to switch over to the app right now, so show you some of the updates that came with version six on the app. One of the great things is now you can go and create and manage collections inside the app. So this is part of Shopify’s move to allow you to do everything that you wanted to do inside the app. So now if you click on the plus button at the top you can [00:02:30] create a new collection and now you can go and create the collection directly inside the app. Instead of having to log into the web-based version of it through your phone, you can now do everything through the app.

Now there’s a lot of these updates that are going to be coming that are going to allow you to actually manage your whole online store through the app as they roll out, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on those as well.

That’s everything for the app side of things. I’m going to flip back over to the web so that you can see some of the additional [00:03:00] changes for inventory history. One of the other updates that have come out on the Shopify dashboard last week is the inventory history. So if you go into a product and you go into, let’s take the [inaudible 00:03:14] umbrella here, and I’m actually going to update the inventory on it. Let’s go down here, let’s go [inaudible 00:03:20] variant. Actually I don’t think I have to change, so inventory quantity, okay, great.

I’m now able to go [00:03:30] into inventory history.
Inventory history now allows you to see the last 90 days of any inventory that has been made by staff members, apps or any other orders. So as you can see there’s nothing in there right now but if I go in and I make a change to the history or the inventory, sorry, let’s go and do that now. So we’re going to save, we’re actually going to go down one, save that, and now if I go into view inventory history you can see that I manually [00:04:00] removed it, it was adjusted by me and you can see the details for it. Really great way to help you keep track of your inventory items when there’s a lot of things moving on.

That’s all the dashboard updates but there’s a couple payment updates that you should know about. Amazon Pay is now available in Japan so if you’re a Japanese merchant, you can simply add the payment method through your payments page on Shopify. Also, Shopify payments is now available in Singapore so if you’re selling in Singapore dollars you’re now able to natively have Shopify payment [00:04:30] to collect SGD.

A couple things I should mention. The payout period is four business days. Chargebacks are $15 or $15 SGD, and unfortunately it’s not available to Shopify point of sales yet.
That’s all the updates for this week. Hope you guys have a fantastic week. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. I got a bunch more videos that you can check out right here.

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