Hey, guys. I had a super exciting update this week. I had a chance to test out Launchpad for Shopify Plus. This app is super powerful and it’s extremely easy to use. I’m going to hop over to the demo now and walk you through it.

Okay. So, Launchpad. Launchpad was announced at Unite this year. They’re doing a re-launch of it. They’re launching the Launchpad. Anyways, I’m going to show you how it all works. What I’ve got set up is I have my store set up here, my sunny days, [00:00:30] what sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity, got some quotes, got a nice image here, but I want a flash sale to come up and we’re going to sell some umbrellas. We’re going to do a one-minute flash sale, so I’m going to just walk you through how we set that up.

So, after I’ve installed the app, Launchpad, we can then go and set up the details of it. Now, one thing I should mention, Launchpad is specifically only set up for Shopify Plus clients, not for Shopify Core. It’s not available for Shopify Core yet, it’s more for those merchants [00:01:00] who have huge followings and they really need to be able to time everything out so they don’t have a huge staff behind them to launch these events.

So, let’s go into Launchpad and once we get in there, we can start creating a new event. So, I’m going to create a new event and this is going to be my flash sale. So, flash, oops sorry, flash sale and I need a time for it to start. So, I now am going to set this [00:01:30] up to go in about 10 minutes, so we’re going to set it for November 7, and we’re going to set it for 2:00, actually yeah, so, it’s eastern time, so we’re going to set this for 1:55 p.m. We’re going to publish the product on all sales channels, so we’re going to actually use the Malbec umbrella here. We’re going to apply a discount to that product. So, because it’s a flash sale, we want to make [00:02:00] sure that there’s some incentive for people to purchase, so I’m going to hit the Malbec umbrella and I’m going to give it a 20% discount when people buy it. Most importantly, I need to set an end date. I want to take down the flash sale after one minute. So, I originally set it for 1:55, I’m now going to set it for 1:56, so that it comes down when we’re done and I’m going to save it.

So, that sets up our flash sale. Now, there’s a couple other really cool features that you can [00:02:30] use with Launchpad. First off is enabled theme switching. So, I have set up two themes, so I have the first theme which is called flash sale, which has got some unique graphics in it and it’s got a call to action that really drives people to that product, and then I have another one which is my active theme, which it’s going to go back to after the event is over.

Now, I don’t have any scripts set up, nor do I have any shopping scripts or any shipping scripts, but you can also set those up if [00:03:00] they’re important when you’re going to do your Launchpad event and then the other thing I want to do is I want to enable bot protection so that we don’t have any bots buying products during our event. Now, it really depends on whether you feel like the CAPTCHA is going to inhibit people from purchasing out, but I do recommend putting in a CAPTCHA so that you don’t have any fraudulent purchases during that time. We’re going to also enable the password page. We’re going to set it up for five minutes before, [00:03:30] just to drive some excitement. So, I’m going to go ahead and save that. Oh, I’m going to have to move our event back a little bit. I’m going to move it back two minutes, there we go. I’m going to save that because we need to have enough time for our event to be scheduled.

So, it’s going to start in two minutes, it’s going to start. We have our flash sale here. So what I’m [00:04:00] going to do, is I’ll do a little bit of time traveling for you. We will refresh the page when it’s now gone live and you can see exactly what happens.

Okay. We have five seconds left until our sale happens, so we’re going to now refresh our homepage. We can see it’s now setup to password page in order to create some excitement for the flash sale start. This is going to sit here for five minutes and then in five minutes we’re going to refresh the page [00:04:30] again and we are going to see our flash sale start.

Okay, so our event is going to start in one minute. Now, if you go on to the app before the sale starts, you can see there’s a really tiny dashboard that’s going to be coming available. So, the event is starting, it’s going to be preparing it to start one minute before it actually goes up. It’s going to give you a countdown timer telling you how long things are going to be. Your online store, it gives you a notification telling you that it’s locked and ready to get [00:05:00] going. We have about 30 seconds to go and then the flash sale will now be live and we can see the status down below. So, it’s preparing all the stuff that’s being required, if we’re going to need more servers, all that sort of stuff is being prepared so that the flash sale is going to have absolutely everything you need in order to make sure that it goes off without a hitch.

And our flash sale is now live. We can see that it’s active, so go over to our store and refresh our store. We can [00:05:30] see what’s happened. It’s now put up our flash sale. It’s put up our theme that we’re using specifically for this. We can actually close this preview here, because we can see the live one going on. If I hit buy now, it will take me to the Commander umbrella. We can see that the discount has been applied to this specific item and then I can go and hit add to cart to check out. If I have a look at the flash sale, there is a real-time dashboard that I can watch all of the [00:06:00] people who have come to a site, how many have checked out, I can see there’s only one visitor, because it’s just me going through there, but then I can now go to the checkout page and it will show you live what is exactly happening with your sale, so you can track the process and make adjustments as you go.

Once we get through to the final part of it, the real-time dashboard will update and it will tell us when our event is finished. So, we have just finished our one-minute event. It has now shut down our event. [00:06:30] I can finish my checkout and continue it, but if I go back to our homepage, we can see our flash sale is now finished and it’s reverted it back to the way it was before. So, super, great way to launch specific flash sales, it’s also a really great way to launch just theme updates on a very low period of time. You don’t have to stay up until midnight and we can also see too, that the discount has now expired as well. So, if I didn’t get a chance [00:07:00] to checkout, I now have to pay the regular price.

Again, that’s a basic run through of what’s going on with Launchpad. Super, super powerful. Simply go to the app store and install it if you’re on Shopify Plus. If you need any help learning how to use it, please contact us, we would love to walk you through it, love to get you onboard and show you how you can really leverage this app in order to make the most successful flash sales that you can possibly think of as well as launch new themes and everything.

Couple other update that you should know about. [00:07:30] Shopify now is seamlessly integrating with Ebay. Simply install the Ebay app on your Shopify store and you can publish all your products directly to Ebay hitting 171 million users instantly. As the holiday season heats up, there’s a growing consumer practice known as showrooming, when a customer visits a store and then checks out online. This can be challenging for many retailers, because they don’t see the benefit of having a physical store. Shopify is launching buy online inside of Shopify POS [00:08:00] to help with this situation. Now, customers can try on their products in store, and then you can send them a link to purchase it directly to their email and they can choose their own payment and shipping options from the comfort of their own home.

That’s it for this week. Please remember to like and subscribe to this video and I’ll see you next week.

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