I’m going to do an overview of the new Shopify upgrade from Multi-Channel Support. This is a new update that they’re going to be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.
First, they’re going to roll it out to five percent of people, then to twenty-five percent of people, then to a hundred percent of people over the next month or so.

The biggest change that’s being done is they’re now making Shopify the central dashboard for all of your online sales. The way that they’re doing that is they’re adding these links on the left-hand side here to allow for each individual channel.
Right now, when you set up your Shopify store as a new store, you’re going to get online store and point of sales. That’s if you’re using the point of sales system.

If you’re going to be also using “buy now” button, which you can use to put onto a WordPress site, or you can use to put onto a Square Space site. What you’ll need to do is you’ll need to go to “settings”. Then you’ll need to go to “sales channels” in order to turn it on. It’ll give you your multiple sales channels below you and simply hit “add channel”. I want to add a Shopify Buy button and what you’ll see is on the left you’ll now have the buy button channel which will be added into your store.
The first thing I need to do to use this, is I’m going to need to go and create products. What I’m going to to do is I’m going to go through the other changes and show you were the other stuff is. Then I’ll come back and show you how the buy button new app works.

First of all, what they’ve done is they’ve shortened down the product list, or the navigation list on the left-hand side, and combined a bunch of things. Either you’re working in your home dashboard which is a whole new slew of updates as well as information pieces that come in. They all feed in from the sales channels on the left.

You have your orders page which is as similar as it always was before. When you have new orders in here they will show up in here. The order tracking and the order fulfillment is remaining the same.

[00:02:00] For the most part, not a lot is going be changing. It’s all the external services that you’re going to be working on that’ll change.

If you go into products, you can see now that this small little list slides over. Now you can see where you actually add products. This is adding an additional click to the navigation. Time will tell whether it’ll be annoying or not, but from what I can see it looks like it’s a pretty good idea. You’ve now got product list, inventory, your collections and your gift cards all underneath your same product dialogue box.

The next one is customers. This is similar to the customer dashboard before. It hasn’t changed at all.

Reports, again, also hasn’t changed. Still the similar reports.

The same with discount codes. Discount codes are being done the same way.

The biggest change is where you’re going to go in order to get access to your theme settings. If you go to “online store”, you can see this is where you’re going to get access to doing your overview, your blog post, changes to your pages, your themes, your navigation and your domains. For us as Shopify experts, this was the biggest change for us because we need to be able to go in and modify themes and so on and so forth.
Once you get into the actual pages themselves, they’re exactly the same as they were before. It’s just the navigation that you need to use to get there is an additional click now.
Point of sale, same thing. You have your overview and your locations like you would previously.

Next is the buy button. The new buy button app that I was talking about.

Finally, the settings button on the left will allow you to change all your settings. Your general, your payment, your checkout, your shipping, your taxes, your notifications, your gift cards, your files, your account. Again, your sales channels. As well as your settings for the online store and the point of sales store.

That is pretty much the major changes.

[00:04:00] If you click on this guy here, this is your “view your website” button. It used to be down at the bottom. They’ve removed those buttons down from the bottom now and they’ve moved them up here so if you’re looking for “view your website”, that’s where that one is. If you click on here this is your new log in/log out button. As well as your “hire an expert” and your community forums as well.
They’ve reduced the number of buttons they have on the navigation in order to make it a little bit cleaner for you to use as well.

If you have any comments or you would like to know where something is, leave it in the comments down below.

Good luck with the new dashboard

Resource: Shopify Blog Post

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