What’s up, guys? Happy holidays. I wanted to give you a quick video that’s just going to show you a couple updates that have happened at Shopify for the remainder of the year. Now most of the updates are probably going to come out in January since we’re on a code freeze until that time, but I just want to hop in really quickly to you a couple of great additions that have been made to the theme editing tool that should make your holiday editing of your website a little bit easier.
Since we’re so close to Christmas, a lot of the code changes that are happening on Shopify will probably [00:00:30] be pushed to the new year, just to make sure that everybody can continue to operate as they normally would throughout the holiday season. But there were a couple quick changes made this week to Shopify to make things a little bit easier for you to manage.

If you go under online store and then go to themes and you go into customize themes, I’m going to show you a couple of these changes. The first one which makes things super easy to edit is a page selector on the top left hand corner. You can see here we have homepage, but then we can go and [00:01:00] select the type of page that we’re looking for. This is really helpful for you to be able to quickly navigate to your individual theme section. So say I want to edit a product page, I can click on product page and it’s going to load that up onto the site. Especially if you don’t have direct navigation to get there through your menu.

Other things that it’s going to show you is it’s going to show you if it’s a live or it’s a developing theme, so as you can see here on the right hand corner, this is the live theme that I’m using. And I also have the option [00:01:30] to change to full screen view, editing view, or over to mobile responsive view, so you can try out the different types that you’re looking for.

Super helpful update, but that’s pretty much that all that’s been added to Shopify for now. Now this is available on both Shopify core, as well as Shopify Plus, so it’s across the board.

That’s it for the update today. I will be back in the new year with some more updates and some more exciting things from Shopify. As we go through the winter season, I wish you guys a happy, [00:02:00] happy holidays, and hope that you guys are having a wonderful day.

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