How We work

Step 1. First step is a discovery call. This is free, there is no charge to just talk about what you want to do. We can offer you advice and give you a direction and see if we are a good working match. Once that is done we can give you an estimate on how long we think it will take to complete your changes.

Step 2. Next you pick a package. We sell our time in 3 pre-paid packages. As you buy more, the hourly rate gets cheaper. These never expire and you can use them on any project you like. After you have picked a package, you can compose a list of changes you want us to make and send it over.

Then the Magic Starts !

Step 3. We get busy on making your changes and let you know when they are going to be ready. When they are finished we do a one on one call to discuss all the upgrades. If you need training we can produce instructional videos for your site or walk you through it over the phone. These videos are amazing for training new staff, remembering how to change old features and saving money.

Buckets of Hours

Small Bucket

5 Hours

$550 / $110 per hour

Medium Bucket

11 Hours

$1150 / $105 per hour

Large Bucket

21 Hours

$2100 / $100 per hour


If you would like to schedule a discovery call please