Facebook Likes. Organic VS Paid

Posted on 11. Feb, 2014 in Social Media, Tweaks

This video was posted today and its creating quite a stir when it comes to Facebook advertising. I highly suggest you take a look and make your own decision, but from my point of view here is what I see.

The big question, is Facebook advertising a waste of money ?

The short answer is No, its not. The issue isn’t the ads, its the audience. This has been the issue with paid advertising since the beginning of time. Paid growth is always lower quality than organic. I like to compare it to being in school. If you pay people to be your friends, sure they will take your money and stand by you for a bit, but if the going gets tough. Say goodbye to those guys cause they will jump to the highest bidder. Although; if you work hard, build friendship, stand up for other people, take a few punches every now and again. Those friends will stick by you through thick and thin. Facebook likes are similar in this respect. You put yourself out there as a company and do a good job and your people will be knocking down the doors to associate with you. IE: Like your page. (Shameless plug)

So how does this relate to Facebook ads.

So if we stick to the premise that the audience is the issue then we can start doing some very creative targeting when it comes to our growth and using Facebook ads to do it. This is a similar issue that happens with google adwords. You could spend $10 per click on a very generic keyword which would result in a very low ROI and even lower bank balance; Or you could do your research, figure out your audience and buy the cheap keywords that will only result in 1 or 2 clicks but have a substantially higher result. Example: Shopify Expert. ( expensive ) vs Shopify website designer in vancouver. ( cheap )

So how do you do it.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a bunch of likes right off the bat with a generic ad campaign. The number of likes you have on your page does not value you as a business. Also it won’t help, and you probably won’t get you any new clients.

Instead stay focused, pick you keywords and audience. The graph on the side of Facebook audience that says you aren’t reaching enough people, you want it just high enough for them to run it, typically anywhere from 1000 – 10,000 people. The graphic is just a visual guide, it doesn’t do anything. read the numbers and don’t through good money after bad. Try small and see your result, if it works. Refine and grow slowly. Alternatively,  you can also use the upload a contact list module that will select you an audience based on your previous customer base, this is super powerful and accurate. It will allow you to connect directly with like minded clients.

The grain of salt.

I know the virtual cat page seemed like it was specific, but there is a lot of cat lovers out there. Based on what he said, I ran the same campaign and my audience was 24,000,000 people. In 24 million people, you are going to grab a few wildcards. ( 0.00015% ). Not that I’m disregarding his point, because it was a good example. However as an efficient online marketer, you would want to pick a more targeted audience.

I think in closing, I would like to share something that has served me pretty well.

Work on getting 100 amazing customers, not 1,000,000 shitty ones.

Add your shopify store to Facebook

Posted on 16. Jan, 2014 in About Shopify, Development, Social Media, Tweaks

This video shows you how to add shopify to your facebook so you community that you have built up can purchase and browse your store directly through facebook. This free app is easy to install and great for coverting your social customers to your website.